Saturday, 29 December 2012

Number bonds to 10 - free poster

Hi :)

I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the break. I know that I am totally in holiday mode now as I've officially lost track of the days! I finally worked out it's Sunday (thanks to my phone), but to be honest I love not knowing or caring what the day is!

I'd like to share a little poster that I find really useful, it's for teaching Number Bonds to 10. I thought later on (maybe when I'm not so switched off and relaxed!) I'd share some of the ways we explore Bonds to 10 in my class, but for today I'd give you a copy of the poster. 

 I use it as a teaching tool at the beginning of my lessons, and also as a prompt for reflection at the lesson's end. I also often include smaller copies (1/4 of A4 size - I'm not sure what that's called sorry) to include in the students' Maths Tool Kits. I'll explain more about their Maths Tool Kits in another post :) 

Mini Poster

 I have also included a black and white copy that I find really useful to give to students. They can then colour in the rainbow and complete the facts, so that they have their own copy to use as a reference tool throughout the year. You could laminate them, but I often simply glue them on the inside cover of their books so that they are easily accessible.

Black and white version for students

You can download a copy of the posters here.

I hope you have a wonderful last few days of 2012, and I look forward to sharing and learning more with you in 2013!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Welcome to my blog  :)
I’ve always loved sharing ideas and hearing about what other people are doing in their classrooms, and only recently I’ve discovered the world of teacher blogs… wow! My newest hobby!  I’ve been really enjoying reading other people’s blogs – I love hearing about how other people teach in their class and abut the different ideas they have. I especially love that blogging has allowed me to see into classes all over the world!
I decided to jump in and join the blogging community with my own blog – I’m looking forward to joining the conversation.
But a little bit about me... my name is Jess and I’m currently teaching Reception in a primary school in South Australia. I’ve taught mainly from Reception to Year 3, but have taught up to Year 7.  I love teaching Reception… it’s such a busy, fun age! My favourite subject is probably Maths – I find it a really fun and interesting subject to teach. I also really enjoy English, especially sharing new books with my class.
I look forward to sharing a bit about my classroom with you, and look forward to hearing from you too!