Friday, 4 October 2013

A rainbow facts card game

We are on holidays in South Australia... this term they have felt so long overdue! My mind must've been super ready for holidays, it only took me a couple of days to forget which day of the week it was - I love it!
Today I thought I'd share a simple little card game that's great to  play with kids to develop their understanding of rainbow facts (or bonds to 10), it's basically a modified version of Go Fish.
This game is great to play in small groups (3 or 4) but it can work in pairs too. You'll need a pack of cards (Ace=1, picture cards removed) to play, and I also often give students a sheet with the rainbow facts on it for support if needed.
You can get a copy of this sheet here
The aim of the game is to have the most pairs at the end of the game, but instead of pairs being the traditional matching numbers, they are the numbers that go together to make 10. So for example, if I had a 4, the matching card would have a 6 on it.
The dealer gives each player 5 cards, and the rest of the cards are placed in a pile in the middle. Everyone then checks their cards, and sets aside any pairs that they already have. If a player ever has less than 5 cards, they will need to pick up cards from the middle pile, so that all players have 5 cards at all times.  Player 1 then chooses another player and asks them for a particular card.....

Start with five cards...

.....and make pairs....

..... 8 and 2 is 10
ie. Player 1 (who has an 8 already)-  'Sam, do you have a 2?'
If Sam does have a 2, she will give the card to Player 1, if not, they will need to pic up another card from the pile.
The game continues like this until all the cards are gone, then the person with the most pairs is the winner!