Thursday, 11 July 2013

Friday Game Day - The Tens and Ones game

It might be holidays but I've remembered its Friday.... I obviously need a few more weeks holidays! I love it when I forget the day - a sign that I'm truly relaxed and enjoying holidays!
Today I thought I'd share a game that was actually taught to me by one of my Prac teachers when I was at uni... it's a game I've played with so many classes since and it's always really popular.
I call it the Tens and Ones game - not very creative, but it does the trick!
The game is played as a whole class, and is great to use as a 'warm up' game with your class at the beginning of you Maths lesson.
To start, you will need a pack of cards (Ace=1, picture cards=0) and you'll need to draw the following groups on the board:

The aim of the game is to get one number in each group before getting three strikes. One student takes two cards from the deck of cards and then makes a number from them (for example, if I pulled a 2 and a 4, I could make 24 or 42) and writes it in the correct group.
The next students than takes two cards and does the same, if you can't make a move (the group already has a number in it) a strike is recorded. you continue playing until either all groups are filled (game won!) or you get three strikes (game lost!).
An easy, fun card game that's great for developing place value concepts as well as strategic thinking :)
Which cards games do you like to play with your class?


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