Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Building Humpty Dumpty's wall

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I thought today I'd share another easy Maths activity we've done in our class. For the first part of this term, we're looking at Nursery Rhymes - at the moment, Humpty Dumpty. I shared a 1-10 matching activity that we did last week, today we built Humpty's wall for him! 

We started off as a whole class, talking about the types of things that walls can be made of and what types of features they had in common (I was heading towards them thinking about how shapes need to stack). I got out our box of shapes and we had a look at the different shapes and whether or not they could 'stack' Here's a picture of what we found out.....

We decided that shapes needed to have straight edges to stack and we sorted shapes into straight and curved edges.

Each student took a shape and sorted it into the correct group (I have a small class this term!)

Finally, we got the blocks/lego out and started to build!
Construction zone... work in progress!

We counted how many blocks were in our wall and looked for things that were bigger and smaller than our walls.

If you'd like a copy of the sheet that we recorded on, just click here :)

As an extension for those kiddies who have been at school for a bit longer, I also asked them to record how many blocks high and wide their wall was.

A simple activity, but a fun one, and a great way for me to get an idea about the kids' understandings of counting, one-to-one correlation, maths vocab and problem solving skills (when their walls collapsed!)

I hope you're having a fun week too :) 

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