Sunday, 27 January 2013

1 - 20 Freebie :)

Today is our last 'official' day of starts in South Australia tomorrow! 

I thought I'd share a little freebie that I'm planning to use with my littlies in the first week back. It's a simple 1 - 20 pegging activity, but is one that's always popular! I think it the tactile nature of pegging that kids seem to love... and it's a great way for me to get a snapshot of their understanding about recognising numbers 1 - 20, counting collections to 20 and ordering numbers to 20.

Graphics c 2012 KPM Doodles
Graphics c 2012 KPM Doodles

To use, you simply need to print off the sheets (which you can download here) and laminate them then grab some pegs and write the numbers 1 - 20 on them and you're ready to go!

You can either keep the sheets whole (so that kids are practicing number recognition and counting collections) or cut them out so that they can be ordered once pegged, to add another dimension to the activity.

With my brand newies, I will only use the 1 - 10 sheet, but for those kids I had last year (so they've had 1 - 2 terms of Reception already), I'll use both sheets (which means they'll be pegging 1 - 20).

Also, I just had to quickly share one of my (many!) purchases I made when I went to Spotlight yesterday. That store is SUCH a dangerous place! So many things to buy! Luckily I had my two little ones with me so my trip there was fairly short... not to much damage to the hip pocket!

I saw these little cut outs, they're only $1.95 a packet. I thought they'd be perfect for matching games.. I've already made a 1 - 10 matching game (To go with my number focus for this week), but really the possibilities are endless! I'm planning to make an Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Match, skip counting cards and a number pegging game (have the numeral on the card, the student pegs that number of pegs to it).

To make, I simply glued the number/ten frame on..

 ....laminated, and cut out... all ready to use! I made one set where the pairs also had matching characters (simpler version)

... and one set that didn't have matching characters (more difficult)

I'm really looking forward to this week... beginning of the year is such an exciting time! I hope every one has a wonderful week too, whether it be your first for the school year or not :)


  1. Hi Jess, I too loe Spotlight and we have one only 4 minutes away from where we live so very dangerous!! The cutouts look great and much cheaper than at the Educationln Supplies store. I'm really interested in how you stagger start your Reception kiddos. Does age or parent choice determine which term they start in? Are you then constantly teaching rules and routines as each new group starts?

  2. Hi Mrs Josey :)

    We currently run with a system whereby kids start the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday, so we have four intakes a year. It is GREAT in term one, as we usually only have small classes (I have 12 this term!) but it does get tricky later on, especially by the time that the term four kiddies start. Luckily by then the first and second-termers are much more independent so you can spend you time with the newies. We still need to revisit routines and rules etc every term, but thats not always a bad thing, often the older kids can do with a refresher anyway! I also buddy up an older class mate with each of the newer ones to help them out.

    Having said all of this though, we are starting to have only one intake at the beginning of the year next year, so it will all change! Do you have only one intake? I'd love to hear how you find it :)