Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fly flips for composing and decomposing number

Hello again!

Today I thought I'd share a nifty but easy tool for using with kids when exploring composing and decomposing number.

Fly Flips can be found on the NZ Maths website - click here  for the the direct link....

If you haven't had a chance to get over to this site before - definitely make the time soon! It has a ton of awesome resources and ideas including these great fly flips! It also has units of work, lesson plans and some great counting/number songs in the per school section.

Anyway... Back to the fly flips..


You print them off and place the strips back-to-back, so that each strip will then have the number of flies that is written on the front.
So, the strip with the numeral 7 on it would have 

5 on the front  

and 2 on the back.

Hold up the side with the numeral on it and say 'This flip has 7 flies on it, lets count how many are on the front..1, 2, 3, 4, 5. If there are seven altogether, how many flies are on the back?'

(You can write 5 + ? = 7 as well)

Model how to count on from 5 (ie. 5, 6, 7.. so 2 more are needed) and then check on the back of the flip to count the 2 extra flies.

These are really great to be used as a whole class for a beginning-of-lesson warm up or whole class teaching time, in pairs or small groups, or, for support workers/parent helpers to use with individual kids in you class.

I hope you found this useful... the NZ Maths has heaps of easy ideas to teach number.. I use it all the time for my planning!

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