Monday, 7 January 2013

Bonds to 10 Craft


It's been so hot here the past week and we've been cooped up inside that my one and three yr old (and me!) have got cabin fever! We went to our local Big W yesterday and bought a whole heap of 'crafty things' for us to use while we're stuck indoors.

So... I thought I'd share a little maths craft that I made, my little bonds to 10 person (or Mr Bond ( -s to 10) as I like to call him!)

 He's a cute, fun way to reinforce Number Bonds to 10, or any part-part-whole number fact really. It might be a little tricky to see in this picture, but he has beads on his legs that represent the number fact he is holding.

He has three beads on one leg, and seven on the other - 3 and 7 is 10. The kids then write the number fact on a little piece of card for him to hold... Adorable hey?!

Here's the steps for making Mr (or Miss) Bonds to 10.....
You will need... a popstick, googly eyes, beads and two pipe cleaners.

First, glue two eyes on the pop stick. Then cut a pipe cleaner in half and use one half to wrap around the pop stick, to create the arms.

Then, fold the other pipe cleaner in half and wrap around the base of the pop stick to make the legs. Add the beads for each leg. In this one, I've put three on one side and seven on the other (I was making 3 and 7 is 10).

 Bend the two ends of the pipe cleaner to make feet.

Take a small piece of card or paper and write the number fact that you have made with the beads. Put the card in Mr Bonds hands and you are finished!

I'm planning to use this with my class when we get back to school... I think they'll enjoy them!


  1. I love the look of these little guys. So cute! We call them 'Partners to 10' or our 'Rainbow Facts'. It is interesting to hear all the different names we have for things.

    Learning is Rosey with Mrs Josey

  2. Thank you:)

    We actually call them Rainbow Facts sometimes too! I've actually got a free mini poster with the facts and a rainbow on another post if you'd like to download a copy :)