Saturday, 23 March 2013

A free Eggy Maths Game :)

It's hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner....
This week will be an extra busy one, a four day week PLUS we have swimming!

We are looking at Chickens and eggs for the last three weeks of term, partly because it's Easter, but also because its our turn to feed the school chooks next week so we are learning about all things 'chickenish'!

I thought I'd quickly share a little Maths game we are going to be using this week, it's called Egg Shake. I wanted to do something with egg cartons for Maths this week, so I hit Pinterest and found lots of great examples of this little game.

I've included a copy of the carton cover and numbers that I used, just click here if you would like a copy :)

To play, students work in pairs or small groups. The first player puts the chick in the carton and gives it a shake, then opens up the carton to see which number the chick has landed on. They then say this number aloud and use the tongs to pick up that number of 'eggs' (cotton wool/pom-poms) and put them in their basket. The next player then has a turn. The first player to have their basket full is the winner!

I played the game with my four and a half year old and she loved it! Hopefully my class does too :)

To differentiate the game for those kids who already recognise the numbers to 12 and can count collections, I'm going to ask them to take 2 more than the number they have (ie. if the  chick lands in 4, they take 6 'eggs'), so that they are practicing counting on. You could also pop two chicks in and ask them to add the numbers together or subtract the smallest from the largest. You could also ask them to double the number or the number that goes with it to make 12... the possibilities are endless! 

Have you played this game with your class before? I'd love to hear how you used it :)