Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday Game Day... a fun and easy card game

It's Friday again!

Today's game is one that I learnt from the lovely lady I team teach with. It's a really simple card game that you can use to develop a whole range of number skills. It's originally meant to reinforce number recognition, but you can use it for ordering numbers, number bonds, doubles, adding on... the list is endless! It's a really easy game to differentiate, so I love it!

The game is played in small groups, 4 or so is best. You need a pack of cards (minus picture cards, and Ace is worth 1), and one person to be the 'dealer' they deal each player a card (face down) and on the count of three, everyone turns their card face up. The first person to say the number on their card is the winner and collects everyone's cards from the round. This continues until there is only one player left with cards, and they're the winner! Simple but effective and kids LOVE it.

Here's a couple of ways you can modify the game... I'm sure you can think of more ideas too!

Ordering numbers - when all the cards are turned over, you say the card with the highest value.

Number Bonds - when the cards are turned over, say the number that goes with it to make 5/10 etc.

Doubles - Call out double the number on your card

Adding on - Agree on the number you are adding on before each round (or the whole game (for example, 2). When the cards are turned over, each player adds on that number to their card (so if I had a 4 and the number was 2, I would call out 6)

Times tables - choose the table you want to work with (say, 3) and then players call out 3 x the number on their card.

 Great to use for small group work, for working with Buddy Class or with helper in your room!
 If you give this game a try, I'd love to hear about it!

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