Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Game Day..... 2D shapes game freebie

It's Friday Game Day!

Here's a little game that I played with my class this week... they really enjoyed it!

It's a 2D shape game that kids play in pairs....
(Click here to download)

To play, kids just need a 1-6 die for each pair and a game board and coloured pencils for each player.

Player 1 rolls the die and then finds a shape with that number of sides on the game board, names the shape and traces it. We started off using lead pencils, but we soon worked out that coloured pencils are much better - you can easily see which shapes have been traced at a glance! Player 2 then has a turn and the game continues until one person has all of their shapes traced... they are the winner!

We also played it that if you rolled a 2, you got to roll again (there are no 2 sided shapes on the board) but you could play it tough and say they miss their turn! If a player can't make a move (for example, if they roll a 3 and all the triangles are already traced) they skip their turn too.

My kids LOVED this game... I hope yours do too :)


  1. Cute! I didn't see where to download it, though.

    1. Ooops! So sorry Amy.... my mind was in weekend mode and I didn't add the link!
      I've updated the post now so you can click on the link just above the picture of the game board.

      I'd love to hear how your kids found it if you use it with your class :)


  2. Thanks! We won't be starting our geometry unit for awhile, but it's a great game to review 2-D shapes names.