Friday, 26 April 2013

Autumn Roll and Cover

Well, term 2 starts next week which means that my holidays are officially over *sigh* I really love holidays in Autumn, the weather in South Australia is beautiful... a lot cooler than summer but still with mostly beautiful sunny days - Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year!

I've been busy organising and planning for next week, so my mind is well and truly back into school mode. This year is the last year of termly intakes, from next year, all Receptions will start at the beginning of the year - I'd  love to hear if that's what you already do... how do you find it?

We will be having a new group of brand new Receptions starting on Monday which means we're in for a busy week (or two!). Our theme for 'Discovery Time' (structured play sessions) is Autumn, and I'm planning on starting the term with 'Autumny' Maths work as well. I thought today I'd share a little Roll and Cover Maths game that we'll be using.

I've made two different board games, one for recognising the numbers 1-10 and one for addition to 12. To play, the kids will work in pairs with a game board. They roll the die and cover a number with a counter... the person with the most numbers covered at the end is the winner.  

(You can download the boards here)
I used graphics from Fun Classroom Creations (on TPT) for this little game 

The 1-10 game board is pretty straightforward... the kids just need to roll a 1-10 die and then find that number and cover it.  I'm hoping this will be ok for my newies... I'm planning to buddy them up with one of our older Receptions, who can show them the ropes. The second board has numbers 1-12. For this one, the kids will use two 1-6 dice and will add the numbers then cover the total. 

An extra extension that I've got in mind for any kids who are challenged enough will be a subtraction version. they can use the 1-10 game boar and use a 1-10 die. they roll the die, then subtract the number from 10 to find the difference. they then cover that number on the game board. I'm not sure if we'll need this one, but I like to have an extra extension just in case!

Have a great week!

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