Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's chicken week! (with freebies!)

My class are very excited this week... it's our turn to feed our school chooks! We have about 10-12 chickens who live in the chook pen near our veggie garden, and each week, one class is responsible for collecting any fruit/veggie scraps and taking them to the chickens... on Tuesday my class was beyond excited! They couldn't wait until we could go out and feed them (which we do after lunch) I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked if it was nearly 'after-lunch-time'! We also collect any eggs they have laid which the kids think is so much fun too!

So, with all this chicken business happening, it seemed like the perfect to learn about chickens... here's some of the activities we have done this week... 

We started brainstorming about what we know about chickens (key words/facts) and questions that we have... we will look into these questions over the next couple of weeks.

We also raided our school library and grabbed all the 'chicken-y' books for our class to read. We looked at a range of Non-Fiction texts.... here's one of our favourites - simple and fun to read.

We then completed two different activities about chooks.. the first one was a sequencing activity about the life cycle of a chicken...

Thanks to Zip a Dee Do Dah Designs for these graphics

The second was a simple template for them to share what they'd learnt about chickens.

We are working really hard on problematised situations so we tried a couple of different problems.

We started with a question that we worked on as a whole class....

Graphics c KPM Doodles 2012

The kids then worked in pairs to solve this problem...
Graphics c KPM Doodles 2012

They each had some 'eggs' and 'buckets' so that they could act it out.

They did a really good job!

If you'd like a copy of the activities we did, you can down load them from Google Drive here :)

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