Sunday, 14 April 2013

Race to Ten... a Classroom Freebie

Hi :)

Today I wanted to share a game that I have made to play with my kids next term. Some of the older ones have got a great understanding of trusting the count and are doing a good job at subitising, so I want work on the idea of counting on. 

I've linked up with Classroom Freebies to share this game...

This little game using a ten frame is designed to get kids thinking about counting on (and counting backwards) using the numbers 1 - 10.

Click here for a copy of the game:)

Kids work in pairs for this game, sharing a game board between them. The aim is to be the first person with ten counters on their ten frame. Players take it in turns to spin the spinner and then add or remove counters from their ten frame, depending on what they spin. As they're playing, I'm going to ask my kids to say the maths sum that they're making with their counters. For example, if I already had 5 counters on, and I spun a +2, I would say '5, 6, 7 and and two more is 7'. You could also get kids to record their sums on paper as a bit of an extra challenge.

 I'd love to hear about the maths games you play with your class to reinforce Maths skills... or if you try this with your kids, I'd love to hear how it goes :)

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  1. LOVE this game, can't wait to try it with the kiddos! Thank you for sharing it!:)

  2. No worries at all Lorena.... I hope you kids have fun with it! :)


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