Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A nifty behaviour management tool!

Yesterday at staff meeting, a couple of my collegues shared an interesting behaviour management tool. It looks really handy, so I thought I'd share it with you too :) (Actually, I was on the website's Facebook page today and it has over 10 000 likes, so you might already know about it, and I'm just a bit behind the eight ball!)

The site is called Class Dojo - it's an online behaviour management tool... a really interesting, fun and practical one! 

Basically it's a 'points' system, that allows you to allocate points for behaviour (you can choose to have positive or both positive and negative), which can then be displayed by having the website up on the Interactive Whiteboard or class computer.

I've taken a screen shot of the demo on the site... Hugh's not really in my class!
 You can set the criteria that kids can earn points for, or just use the ones they already have. Apparently you can also download an App for smart phones and ipods/ipads which is fantastic for when you're not in the classroom. The program also lets you collect data on student behaviour and displays it is a range of graphs... great if you want to collect data on how your kids are going!

I haven't tried this program in the classroom - this week I've started a new role at my school. I'm going to be our school's Numeracy Coach for the rest of the year so I won't be in the classroom with my little Receptions. I'll definitely keep it up my sleeve for next year though! 

If you use it in your class already, I'd love to hear how you find it :)

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