Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rainy Day Writing

We have had a pretty dry Summer and Autumn so far in S.A... not much rain at all! We were due for a bit of rain earlier in the week (though it didn't turn into much) so I thought I'd read a couple of books to my class about waiting for the rain to come. The books we read were....

 'Big rain coming' by Katrina Germein

and 'Here comes the rain' by Clare Good (I couldn't find a nice piccie of the book - my copy is plastered with library stickers)

We talked about the different signs that the characters in the books looked for to predict that it is going to rain, and we talked about how we know when it is going to rain. I popped on the BOM website, and pulled up the rain radar for our area... luckily there was rain due that morning!

Just as we were looking at the radar image, the rain started falling outside! Talk about lucky timing!! We went outside and looked at the colour and shape of the rainclouds and talked about the 'signs' of rain that we noticed. 

When we came back in, we talked about what we liked to do in the rain, and wrote about it.

(The graphics I've used are c KPM Doodles and Ashley Hughes)

Some kids had a go at writing by themselves, some cut and pasted the beginning of the sentence, and I scribed the rest for them. they also drew a piccie... sorry I don't have any photos, but you can download a copy of these Rainy Day Writing sheets here :)

A fun lesson, and a lucky one thanks to those lovely rain clouds... hopefully we get some more soon!


  1. My kiddies LOVE looking at the BOM website whenever they notice storm clouds forming outside (normally just before they're do to go home at 3pm). I may or may not hype them up just before I send them home to their parents...

    Love your rainy day writing pages - I may have to photocopy a set for our next rainy day in prep =)

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

    1. Haha.... Same here with the rain! Except you're a bit smarter than me, saving the hyping up until home time ;)
      I'm glad you like the writing pages, I hope they come in handy :)