Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Awesome teacher resource... Scootle!

Well, I know its winter for sure now.... everyone in our family has been sick for the past week... no fun at all! Finally, everyone is on the mend and I have time to a) catch up on all my favourite blogs (Which I've really missed!) and b) do a bit of blogging myself!
It's a crazy, busy time at school too... I'm not in the class so I don't have all the sick kids (except mine at home) or the reports to write so I'm considering myself pretty lucky! Last week I spent a bit of time trying to get some Interactive Whiteboard resources together for Maths and spent quite a bit of time on Scootle.... such an awesome resource!
Scootle is jam packed full of digital resources... bets of all, they're all designed to use with the Australian curriculum! At the moment, nearly all Australian teachers can use the site, I think NSW teachers can't yet, but they'll be able to later in the year. If you haven't had a chance to have a good look through, I really recommend it!
I use it mainly for the Learning Objects, which are great to use on your Interactive Whiteboard, but it has a ton of other resources - videos, audio clips, teacher lesson plans and assessments as well.
I've taken a few screen shots of Learning Objects that I use.....
Number Trains- for ordering, recognising amount and numerals, skip counting, place value
Pirate Treasure Hunt.... great for Problem Solving
Garden Symmetry.... finding objects with one line of symmetry (there's also a Learning object for 2+ lines of symmetry)
Do you use Scootle? I'd love to hear about any Learning Objects that you find useful :)


  1. Jess, it's so funny that you posted this because our HOD emailed this site to our entire sub school today! I can't wait to check it out ;)


    1. What a small world Shannyn! It's funny how things like that happen! I hope you find lots of useful things on it :)

  2. Hello from a new follower and fellow aussie teacher :) I love this! I am in NSW so I cant wait for it to be available to us! Thanks

    kylie :)

  3. Hi Kylie :)
    It's great to meet another Aussie blogger!
    Hopefully you can access Scootle soon too..... its really handy!


  4. Oh, this looks awesome. I've just signed up. I'm in WA - thanks for the tip!