Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Game Day... I love Maths!

Happy Friday! I can't believe we're nearly half way through the year... only two more weeks until end of term!
For today's game, I wanted to share a game that a colleague told me about just the other day, and I thought it sounded really great!
It's called 'I love maths' and is a really simple game for practicing fluency in a fun and active way.
The game is played in pairs, and it's similar to Rock, Paper Scissors. Each player makes a fist with a hand and shakes their hand three times, as they say '!' On the third shake, each player holds out some fingers. The players then have to find the total number of fingers and say the answer out loud as quickly as they can.
Here's an example of me playing with my daughter :)

Both players shake their fist and say 'I....
....(shake fist again) love.....
.....Maths!' (and hold out some fingers)

For the example above, we called out '3!'.

The game can easily be adjusted to practice other number facts.... you could subtract the smaller number from the larger number, multiply the numbers together, make the smallest fraction possible with the two numbers, make the biggest two digit number... and I'm sure there's many more alternatives!



  1. What a fantastic idea! We are starting addition next term so I'm adding this idea to my planning =) Enjoy your last two weeks of term!

    Lifelong Learners in Prep

    1. Thanks Casey! I hope your kids enjoy it :)