Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Play dough Maths Monsters

Wow.... Winter has finally hit with a vengeance... We had such beautiful weather on the weekend, but now I'm snuggled up next to the heater - it only reached 15 today!

My four and a half year old is obsessed with play dough at the moment, so we have been doing a lot of playdough making/playing. A LOT. Maybe too much (well, for my liking anyway!). The other day we were making some play dough monsters which gave me an idea for a little maths activity for practicing measurement and number concepts.

Basically, they're little task cards that you can give your students - they need to make a maths monster by following the directions on the card. I'm thinking they'll be really handy for those tactile learners who enjoy using play dough.
Here's some examples of the ones I've made.....


....and a pic of my little girl making the 5 eye/3 feet monster :)

Feel free to download a copy if you'd like :)
(Just click here to download)
Have a great week :)

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